Entry Level 3

Workbench – the content forge with the WOW effect

More content, more awareness, more impact. Nowadays, if you want to communicate successfully, communicate continuously. However, as most customers can’t possibly cope with this, we created the Workbench tool, in 2015. Due to a high degree of standardization, we are able to efficiently use channels and sales funnels at low cost, quickly and with high quality. And the effect is extraordinary.


And this is how it goes …

Once your needs have been clarified and an initial conception phase suggested, we can start to develop and produce storytelling formats tailored to your expectations. With minimal coordination effort, we realize customized and, above all, standardized content formats at most attractive prices. That way, you’ll be present in no time at all with content and added value. On all channels.



This notion applies to animation and real film formats as well as to specially conceived mixed forms which have become increasingly popular because we generate the texts and complete our work with stock material.



For years, with our Workbench tool, we have been advising and helping customers from the insurance and the mobility sectors, and even some NGOs. Since we opted for this approach, we have been able to massively increase the scope and impact of their communication means.


The Workbench-Productions

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