Entry Level 1

Advice & Consulting

We offer orientation, clear assignments, come up with different solutions, develop carefully chosen storytelling concepts, listen well and master the various available channels, tools and possibilities.



Like an experienced Sherpa or a golf caddy, we will support you when planning your route to optimally pace your strengths, hit clever balls and have fun during your undertakings. Because a well-conceived plan of the next steps will let you save resources, avoid missteps and increase efficiency.



You have an idea or specific needs but need supportThen count on us to assist and advise you with our creativity and experience. Soon afterwards, we’ll develop various approaches, point out possibilities and draw up a customized solution together which will enable you to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.



You have a top team but lack creativity and miss suggestions? Then count on us to inspire you and your crew with new, fresh and unconventional approaches. Due to our experience, these always include a reality check as well as a feasibility analysis.


Sparring partners

Do you want to get a ball rolling or would you like a second opinion? Then count on us as valued sparring partners. We support numerous customers in all their concerns, always giving our honest opinions and thereby also training the communicative skills of our vis-à-vis.



DIY (Do it Yourself) is in greater demand today than ever before. Many of our customers want to be able to build their own or personal brand professionally or even produce films on their own. That is why we assist and help individuals and teams in their self-marketing projects and make them fit to achieve all the goals they have set themselves.


Training sessions

Whether «On-the-Job» trainings, through 1:1 coaching, keynotes or workshops: count on us to help people help themselves. We’ll empower you and your team in storytelling techniques, sales, video production and working with social media.


The consulting productions

The other two entry levels.